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Ring sizing

UK ring sizes are displayed as letters. Please use the steps below to determine your size in mm and convert to the appropriate letter for your UK size using the chart.

1. Cut a string or strip of paper 6 inches/15cm long.

2. Fold the string or strip of paper comfortably around the base of the finger, just below the knuckle. 

3. Mark where the string/paper ends with a pen.

4. Place the measured string/paper on a ruler with the area marked on your right.

The number closest to the pen mark is the circumference of the ring in millimetres.


5. Check your size on the ring size conversion below for your UK size. 

UK Ring Size  Size measure in mm

 G 45.5 mm

 H 46.7 mm

 I 48 mm

 J 48.7 mm

 K 49.9 mm

 L 51.2 mm

 M 52.5 mm

 N 53.8 mm

 O 55 mm

 P 56.3 mm

 Q 57.6 mm

 R 58.9 mm

 S 60.1 mm

 T 61.4 mm

 U 62.7 mm

 V 64 mm

 W 65.2 mm

 X 66.5 mm

 Y 67.8 mm

 Z 68.4 mm

Chalcedony silver ring
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