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This is what a lot of us are looking for in everyday jewellery - highly wearable without taking over, however, attractive enough to draw the eye. This is a strand of blue Peruvian opal interspersed with gold fill beads and  tiny hessonite garnet and iolite beads. The strand can be divided up into choker and bracelet. There are three little pendants, one gold filled evil eye, an irregular pearl and a beaded gold filled bead, studded with hessonite garnet beads. You may wear the necklace or the bracelet or both with the pendant together separate or without. It allows for plenty variation. I made this necklace for myself but had so many comments and demands to buy it, that I decided to offer it here. Perfect for layering, too. Choker 39cm, bracelet 18cm, worn as long necklace 57cm, pendants approx. 1cm.

Necklace/Bracelet Combo

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